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We don't do fashion

Most brands focus on riding the waves of the next trend. We have plotted a different course.

We don't do fashion. We don't do sales. We never overproduce. Instead, we patiently refine our range of functional, timeless, and sustainable high-quality products.

Our concept is simple and easily accessible.

It's that simple.

Doing the right thing for the environment is complex, so we do the math and make the hard choices when producing our products. So all you have to do is wear out your favorites.

OEKO-TEX 100 — Free of harmful substances

Doesn't really sound too sexy, does it? A German certification standard for harmful chemical substances in textiles. Admitted - it's not. But it is actually incredibly important. A lot of textile products does not live up to basic requirements, making them really harmful both for the environment and body. Think about it. How many hours do you spend in your business shirt each day?

Did we mention that EVERY component of our shirt is Oeko-Tex certified? Fabric, buttons, threads and interlining. Pretty cool, right?

Responsible for our own supply chain

The STeP certification is another sexy German abbreviation short for Sustainable Textile Production, which ensures that the whole supply chain involved in the production of a BARONS shirt is responsible. This means certified environmentally friendly production processes, optimum health and safety standards and socially acceptable working conditions. It covers everything from cotton fiber production to finishing facilities.

Organic cotton. Of course

Amazing products are made with the best raw materials available, be it your red wine, coffee, or shirt.

That's why we only use the 0.1% finest cotton in the world. Single-origin Giza Extra Long Staple cotton.

The non-GMO plants grow in organic fields on the fertile banks of the Nile in Egypt. The river provides a natural and abundant supply of nutritious water. And the fields are kept strictly free from synthetic pesticides and are farmed with regenerative techniques

Synthetic fibres. No way.

Today it seems like you can't open social media without a new add for a "performance" textile brand. When you look closer, it's usually just someone who has added a few percent synthetic fiber (aka. plastic) to their textile, to make the fabric stretchy. There are natural alternatives but adding petroleum based fibers is the cheap, easy and dirty way. As any garment is washed and worn repeatedly, its mass decrease over time. This means that some of the textile is washed into the environment, either from laundry washing or from the rubbing onto various surfaces. In the end this fiber will become micro-plastics.

Globally 400.000 tonnes of elastane is produced annually. In many countries plastic-filled garments will end in a landfill. As a responsible company, we would never dream of adding Elastane, Lycra, Spandex, polyester or any other environmentally unsafe material to our shirts. That's our promise! We prefer plant-based any day because it's simply better. Its better for you and the planet.

Box 2.0 = 100% recycled

The thickness of the cardboard used in our latest packaging i only 1 mm thinner than the old one. That means that every box is 15.32% lighter. So 100 orders we use 4.2 kg less cardboard.

Brown is green. The latest box is now brown. We simply stripped away the white layer of paper, again that may not seem like much but small things add up to big differences.

Also, the box is made from 100% recycled cardboard, nothing else. Of course